Everyday Superheros

I absolutely adore the fact that this family kept things low key and playful by showing up with father and son both wearing Batman shirts! It's been 2 years [...]

Always Perfect

I said it in their sneak peek, but it's worth saying again: I look forward to photographing this family every year because they are SO. MUCH. FUN. I mean [...]

Live, Love, Laugh

This is the 13th session I've taken of this family and just stating that makes me smile. It's been a couple years since our last get together and I cannot [...]

Shades of Blue

The last time I had the privilege of photographing this gorgeous family, Mom was still pregnant! I was so thrilled to finally meet this precious new addition [...]

Something New

I love this family! I've been to their home a couple times to photograph their littlest kiddos, and this time they had a new casa for me to visit! The yard was [...]

Minecraft Musings

For those who clicked on this hoping for a Minecraft-themed session, I am sorry to disappoint you. The name simply came to me because references to Minecraft [...]

10 Years

These two are celebrating 10 years of marriage today! Looking at their beautiful family and all that has been created together in the past decade, I think it's [...]


It is my firm belief that people are only given more than one child at once if they are true superheros. One of the perks of being a superhero with twins is [...]

The Stylist

Meet Stephanie, the woman responsible for keeping my hair looking as fabulous as it does. It's hard to believe it's been over a decade since I walked into a [...]