Minecraft Musings

For those who clicked on this hoping for a Minecraft-themed session, I am sorry to disappoint you. The name simply came to me because references to Minecraft [...]

10 Years

These two are celebrating 10 years of marriage today! Looking at their beautiful family and all that has been created together in the past decade, I think it's [...]


It is my firm belief that people are only given more than one child at once if they are true superheros. One of the perks of being a superhero with twins is [...]

The Stylist

Meet Stephanie, the woman responsible for keeping my hair looking as fabulous as it does. It's hard to believe it's been over a decade since I walked into a [...]

18 Years Later

There's one part of my personality that I am proud of, but it simultaneously causes embarrassing (or at least potentially awkward) moments.  It's the part [...]

Tulip & Thistle

Guess what?! My sister and her awesome friend have created this amazing candle company! I don't use the word "amazing" lightly, either. During my summer trip [...]

Growing Up

What seems like yesterday, this young woman was a curly-haired little girl who played with my daughter and loved my banana bread. Flash forward a few years and [...]

A Comparison Between 2017 and 2013

I love it when my clients continue to choose me as their photographer so I can look back on their previous sessions and make comparisons. This particular [...]

Curly Top

It took a few years to finally meet and photograph this beautiful woman, but I am so happy it happened!  Back in 2014 we first corresponded about a gift [...]