Carnival by the Sea (Part II)

Back in March, I asked this family if they wouldn't mind being models for a session on an early morning at Belmont Park. Luckily, they obliged and I had so [...]

Best Friends and Flowers

So, I've been sick for 5 weeks and pulled a muscle in my side from coughing too hard last week. This has resulted in the rescheduling of all my May sessions [...]

5 Years Later

How time flies! I've been photographing Laura and Alan since before they were married. I was there for their big day and there to capture Ryan as a newborn. [...]

Natural Beauty

The most flattering aspect of this business is when I become known as a family's photographer. Watching a life-story unfold and being the one chosen to capture [...]

She’s 1!

I've been photographing Amy (mostly against her will until recently) since college. It's been so much fun to be able to capture her life story with Jeff, and I [...]

Carnival by the Sea (Part I)

While the main reason I took time off last fall was to accommodate my daughter's new homeschooling program, part of it was also to rejuvenate my creativity and [...]


I admit that once in a while, I complain or feel sorry for myself when I think about the fact that most of my family members live out of state. However,  [...]


Adorable children and lavender fields. (Enough said, [...]

Tea Party

Brrr! It's cold and wet outside, but these pictures make me feel warm and cozy. Taken last summer, these are from the time I spent in Oregon photographing a [...]