What does a session with you include?

All sessions include shared copyright and images available via digital download in both hi-resolution and web only formats.

Sessions also include a private online viewing gallery and a personalized app that makes sharing your photos extremely easy. The gallery is accessible using a password I create for you. I will also provide a pin number that can be used to enable downloading. Receiving your images couldn’t be easier! When downloading from your gallery, all files will be emailed to you in a single zip-file.

All clients will receive a copy of my terms and conditions prior to the session to review and will be expected to sign it at the time of session. A receipt will be emailed to you after payment is made. Session reminders are also included! Expect a card via snail mail to hang on your fridge, and an email reminder 2-3 days prior to your session.

While you will be provided with the opportunity to download all images for your personal use, I recommend ordering all prints through my professional lab to protect your investment. For information on ordering, please keep reading.

*newborn sessions can last up to 2 hours to accommodate feedings and feelings.

What does shared copyright mean? Can I print my photos?

Shared copyright means that I am sharing ownership of the images with you. Many photographers do not release their digital files and will force you to purchase prints if you want them. I believe you should receive a copy of these images so you have a back up copy and can keep them for a lifetime.

Even when providing shared copyright, releasing the images I create does not mean they are open to further artistic manipulation. I work hard creating the exact look that I want and do not allow any major cropping or any type of color enhancement. Many photo labs, such as Target, Wal-Mart, etc. use “auto color correction” when developing images. DANGER!! If you ever see this, un-check that box. Your photos have already been color corrected and will look way over-saturated and just plain awful if “corrected” again.

You have invested a lot of money to get perfect photos. If you choose to display them in your home, please preserve the work I have done and the money you have spent by printing them through my lab. I'll be happy to show you in person the difference it makes. I keep my prints costs as low as possible to encourage your orders. You will be keeping these for a lifetime. Memories on the wall will be looked at everyday, and when you break down cost per day, we’re looking at next to free. Trade the fancy coffee drink for a print; it will last a whole lot longer and cost about the same.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within 2-3 weeks.

Payment questions: Do you accept Venmo? Do you require a deposit? Who do I make a check out to? etc.

Payment is due at the time of the session. No deposit is required unless you are booking a wedding or have cancelled an appointment in the past. For session payments, I accept cash, money orders and personal checks made out to "Photography by Arika Reed." I will accept a credit card for standard sessions, however, there will be a $10 service fee. I do not accept Venmo. Credit cards may always be used for prints and products as well as extra images.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?

If you cancel a session that has already been confirmed, you simply need to contact me to confirm the cancellation. The next time you schedule a session, however, the payment will be made (in full) as a non-refundable deposit to hold your new session date.

Do you shoot weddings or events?

Yes, on a limited basis. Due to my schedule, I am able to take on a handful of events a year and usually only shoot weddings of people I know or existing clients. (If you are a huge fan of my work, you can usually twist my arm, but I do not have a second shooter and wedding clientele are not my target market). For head shots, I recommend booking a standard session to receive a large enough variety to pick from.

Is it possible to purchase extra images?

Yes, it is unless you are booking a scrapbook mini-session. I charge $150 for an additional 20 images and I select them as I do with the original set.

How do I order prints and products?

There are several ways to order through me and receive professionally printed products!

The easiest way for you to order is to meet with me. I help facilitate the process making it easy, and ensuring you know what options are available. I will provide product samples as well so you will make an educated purchase and know exactly what to expect.

You may also email me your order. I will then create an email invoice via PayPal, and payment may be applied securely with a credit card (you do not need a PayPal account to submit payment). If you are ordering a book, or other personalized item, I will send you a preview to review prior to making payment.

Lastly, you may order directly through your online gallery. This is a great option for those who have family and friends wanting to order prints and products. However, I personally review and fulfill all these orders as well, so if it’s for you, feel free to bypass the gallery and contact me directly.

Prints will have a lustre/matte finish by default unless you specify otherwise. A standard print order should be delivered in 7-10 business days. Custom products may have a different time frame. I include a price list for my most popular products in client emails (and upon request), and the full list of options may be found on my Prints and Products page.

Can I have 'x' image that's in black & white, in color too?

There are times when I specifically include a black and white image without its color counterpart. This happens when I think the image looks better in black and white and not so great in color. If the picture looks great both ways, I’ll include both.

What should I wear (and what should I NOT wear)?

Something that makes you feel fabulous and confident. The camera likes colors that flow well together, but don’t necessarily match. I’d recommend browsing through my galleries to get an idea of what looks best.

Remember your session location when choosing a color palette. Nature backdrops may inspire you to dress differently than a city backdrop would. Beach settings allow almost any sort of attire aside from formal footwear. You may visit my location page to preview potential backdrops to your session.

I often ask my clients to kneel and to walk a lot. I also encourage playing with the kids, running and having fun together. It’s best to wear clothing that will let you move freely, safely, and comfortably. If your child is wearing a dress, I’d highly recommend little bloomers or shorts on underneath. If you insist on breaking out a new pair of 4 inch heels, PLEASE bring flip flops too. Your feet will thank you.

These are some things that I recommend NOT wearing: No pinstripes or narrow stripes. Digital processors on the camera (as well as sharpening in post-processing) can alter their appearance and can cause distortion. This is less visible on a print versus viewing on the computer, but it’s best to avoid it entirely. Try not to wear something with a distracting pattern or logo. Remember, we want people to be the subject of the photographs, not the clothes. Also, be cautious with white, as it reflects the colors that surround it. This is especially true if you have your session at a green park and/or if your family members wear another bright color, such as red. If you really want to wear plain white, I’d recommend having your session at the beach.

More no-no’s: No phones in men’s pockets, or wallets in the front pocket; It can look awkward. Transition glasses that turn dark in the sun can be problematic. It’s best to bring a wipe with you if you have children prone to runny noses. Removing snot from photos is not my idea of a good time. ;)