18 Years Later

There’s one part of my personality that I am proud of, but it simultaneously causes embarrassing (or at least potentially awkward) moments.  It’s the part that insists I take pictures of what I want to take pictures of, even if I sound kind of crazy or make someone feel horridly uncomfortable. This has been a relatively common occurrence since I first had a camera in my hand in 5th grade. (Trust me on this; there are far too many people that I could call out as victims). This particular session could have been one of those moments, but instead was quite delightful.

The last time I saw Brandon was 18 years old when I graduated high school. We both come from a tiny place in the middle of nowhere, coincidentally called Middleville, Michigan. Obviously I now live over 2,000 miles away, and Brandon lives 4,000 away in Paris, France. However, as fate would have it (and due to the perks of social media), we found ourselves in Grand Rapids at the very same time. Considering Brandon and his son look like they walked out of a J.Crew catalog, there wasn’t a chance I wasn’t about to beg for a chance to photograph them. Please note that I have not had a conversation with this man since 1999, yet thankfully, nothing seemed to have changed. Well, except that he now has a little facial hair, apparently grew 2 feet, has a kid and speaks French. 🙂  I am so happy he didn’t think I was too weird for asking and actually said yes. Thank you, B!  Sarah, I hope you like your surprise!!

  1. Hello
    We are the grandparents of Charles and Sarah’ s parents: we wish to congratulate you for your splendid work:

    what a beautiful surprise that will remain grave in our memories! Congratulations

    Eve & JeanLouis

    • It was my pleasure! Thank you very much for leaving this comment; I am very flattered by your remarks! It is always a wish of mine to create and capture moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. 🙂

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